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How clean are your carpets?

You’d be shocked learn how filthy your carpets can become. Yet it’s very easy and cost effective to have them maintained, with deep cleaning by AMA Professional Services.

You see, while regular vacuuming makes your carpet and upholstery look nice, it doesn’t remove dirt deep down… Or mildew, or revolting dust mites.

Regular professional carpet cleaning will not only clean your carpets but also extend the life of your carpet.

At AMA we generally recommend the hot-water extraction and scrubbing cleaning methods for most carpets. We consider this the most dependable method for getting your carpets as clean as possible.

If your carpeting is old or otherwise delicate, our method of choice would be dry cleaning. Our experienced technicians will help you determine which of the available methods would work best for your carpet.

Our carpet cleaning services are top rate and GUARANTEED so you have nothing to lose.

We provide the latest technology and newest, state-of-the-art equipment to handle the largest jobs quickly, efficiently, and expertly, bringing you guaranteed results.

This is just another of the great services AMA provides.

Let AMA Professional Services work wonders, on your carpets.

See great results, instantly.

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